CordeiroJose, YouTube, 7/13/2023 9:21:53 AM, 292166

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YouTube Channel CordeiroJose
YouTube Channel CordeiroJose
Uploaded on:
July 13, 2023
Short Description:
CordeiroJose via NodeXL

The graph represents the 1-level YouTube network for the channel that corresponds to the user with username "CordeiroJose". The network was obtained from YouTube on Thursday, 13 July 2023 at 09:19 UTC.

There is a vertex for each person or channel subscribed to by the user.

The graph is directed.

The graph's vertices were grouped by cluster using the Clauset-Newman-Moore cluster algorithm.

The graph was laid out using the Harel-Koren Fast Multiscale layout algorithm.

Author Description

Overall Graph Metrics
Vertices : 145
Unique Edges : 144
Edges With Duplicates : 0
Total Edges : 144
Self-Loops : 0
Reciprocated Vertex Pair Ratio : 0
Reciprocated Edge Ratio : 0
Connected Components : 1
Single-Vertex Connected Components : 0
Maximum Vertices in a Connected Component : 145
Maximum Edges in a Connected Component : 144
Maximum Geodesic Distance (Diameter) : 2
Average Geodesic Distance : 1.972509
Graph Density : 0.00689655172413793
Modularity : 0
NodeXL Version :

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