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YouTube Video conductdisorders (experimental version)
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Uploaded on:
May 17, 2023
Short Description:
conductdisorders via NodeXL

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The graph represents the network of YouTube videos whose title, keywords, description, categories, or author's username contain "conductdisorders". The network was obtained from YouTube on Wednesday, 17 May 2023 at 11:42 UTC.

The network was limited to 50 videos.

There is an edge for each pair of videos that have the same category.

The graph is directed.

The graph's vertices were grouped by author values.

The graph was laid out using the Harel-Koren Fast Multiscale layout algorithm.

Author Description

Overall Graph Metrics
Vertices : 891
Unique Edges : 1251
Edges With Duplicates : 0
Total Edges : 1251
Self-Loops : 0
Reciprocated Vertex Pair Ratio : 0.00320769847634322
Reciprocated Edge Ratio : 0.00639488409272582
Connected Components : 10
Single-Vertex Connected Components : 0
Maximum Vertices in a Connected Component : 695
Maximum Edges in a Connected Component : 1064
Maximum Geodesic Distance (Diameter) : 12
Average Geodesic Distance : 5.043249
Graph Density : 0.00157757348768585
Modularity : Not Applicable
NodeXL Version :

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