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Uploaded on:
February 28, 2012
Data set:

These are the connections among the Twitter users who recently tweeted the word #nicar when queried on February 27, 2012, scaled by numbers of followers (with outliers thresholded). Connections created when users reply, mention or follow one another. The data set starts on 2/21/2012 00:36 and ends on 2/27/2012 23:18 UTC. Green lines are "follows" relationships, blue lines are "reply" or "mentions" relationships.

Layout created with the "Group Layout" feature of NodeXL which tiles bounded regions for each cluster. The Harel-Koren layout algorithm positioned each vertex:

Clusters calculated by the Clauset-Newman-Moore algorithm are also encoded by color. Clauset-Newman-Moore algorithm is defined here:

A larger version of the image is here:

Betweenness Centrality is defined here:

Top most between users:

Top keyword pairs by frequency of mention
#nicar, conference, 7
golden, age, 6
open, source, 6
finally, put, 6
jquery, tablechart, 6
tablechart, plugin, 6
easy, charts, 6
html, tables, 6
tables, https, 6
google, maps, 5
jjkd, ltc, 5
first, #nicar, 4
ire, members, 4
members, share, 4
share, advice, 4
data, viz, 4
union, station, 3
data, journalists, 3
journalists, push, 3
open, data, 3

Graph Metric, Value
Graph Type, Directed
Vertices, 57
Unique Edges, 185
Edges With Duplicates, 65
Total Edges, 250
Self-Loops, 58
Connected Components, 9
Single-Vertex Connected Components, 8
Maximum Vertices in a Connected Component, 49
Maximum Edges in a Connected Component, 241
Maximum Geodesic Distance (Diameter), 7
Average Geodesic Distance, 2.825239
Graph Density, 0.053884712
Modularity, 0.32806
NodeXL Version,

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