20120214-Dell Listens OR Dell Cares-NodeXL-Twitter, 2/15/2012 7:04:12 PM, 404

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20120214-Dell Listens OR Dell Cares-NodeXL-Twitter
20120214-Dell Listens OR Dell Cares-NodeXL-Twitter
Uploaded on:
February 15, 2012
From: www.connectedaction.net
Link: www.flickr.com/photos/marc_smith/6882297835/sizes/l
Data set: nodexlgraphgallery.org/Pages/Graph.aspx?graphID=404

These are the connections among the Twitter users who recently tweeted the word Dell Listens OR Dell Cares when queried on February 14, 2012, scaled by numbers of followers (with outliers thresholded). Connections created when users reply, mention or follow one another. The data set starts on 2/7/2012 5:13 and ends on 2/14/2012 20:13 UTC. Green lines are "follows" relationships, blue lines are "reply" or "mentions" relationships.

Layout created with the "Group Layout" feature of NodeXL which tiles bounded regions for each cluster. The Harel-Koren layout algorithm positioned each vertex: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Force-based_algorithms_(graph_drawing).

Clusters calculated by the Clauset-Newman-Moore algorithm are also encoded by color. Clauset-Newman-Moore algorithm is defined here: pre.aps.org/abstract/PRE/v70/i6/e066111

A larger version of the image is here: www.flickr.com/photos/marc_smith/6882297835/sizes/l/

Betweenness Centrality is defined here: en.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Centrality#Betweenness_centrality

Top most between users:

service, tag, 104
please, follow, 84
issue, specifics, 40
@dell, @dellcares, 35
issue, details, 28
@susanatdell, @dell, 27
service, tag#, 22
hdmi, output, 21
inconvenience, caused, 21
unresolved, issue, 19
hard, drive, 15
@dellcares, team, 14
help, thanks, 14
@dellcares, @dell, 12
order, nbr, 12
trouble, shooting, 12
shooting, failed, 12
tech, replaced, 12
replaced, motherboard, 12
customer, service, 12

Graph Metric, Value
Graph Type, Directed
Vertices, 165
Unique Edges, 329
Edges With Duplicates, 735
Total Edges, 1064
Self-Loops, 143
Connected Components, 4
Single-Vertex Connected Components, 3
Maximum Vertices in a Connected Component, 162
Maximum Edges in a Connected Component, 1061
Maximum Geodesic Distance (Diameter), 3
Average Geodesic Distance, 1.975464
Graph Density, 0.019660015
Modularity, 0.21103
NodeXL Version,

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