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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS? NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS is a Microsoft Power BI report template that turns NodeXL Pro Twitter network datasets into rich interactive reports with a huge variety of data visualisations.
What is Microsoft Power BI? Microsoft Power BI is a powerful data analysis and visualization platform in the cloud. Power BI enables the creation of rich linked dashboards that allow users to quickly slice and filter data.
How can I create a NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report? NodeXL Pro Users can import network datasets from Twitter with several importers: The Twitter Search Network Importer, The Twitter Users Network importer, and the Tweet ID network importer.

When these datasets are analyzed with any of the official "NodeXL Pro Twitter Data Recipes", they can be exported to the Power BI Pro Service via Data > Export > To Power BI Service.

This process is explained in further detail in the tutorial "How to create a NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report".
What are the requirements to create a NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report? A NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report is created from a NodeXL Pro Twitter network data set that has been successfully processed by the NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS “recipe” (settings options file).
Do I need NodeXL Pro to create a NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report? Yes. A NodeXL Pro Twitter Social Media Network data set is required to generate a NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report.
What are the differences in the subscriptions - student, nonprofit, commercial? All NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS subscriptions are for the same application, only the type of user (Student, Academic/Govt/Non-Profit, and Commercial) is different. The pricing structure reflects the ability of our users to pay for a license. Please select the license appropriate to you.
Is NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS available for platforms other than Twitter? No, not yet. The initial report template for NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS is Twitter. In the coming year additional templates for data sources like YouTube and Wikipedia will be released.
How many reports can I create per month? As many as you can fit in a 10GB data storage quota.
How many reports can I have in my workspace at a time? As many as you can fit in a 10GB data storage quota.
For how long can I keep the data in my workspace? Reports are retained for the duration of your NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS subscription and for 90 days after the last subscription payment.
How can I remove a report from my workspace? Simply select and delete any unwanted NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS reports.
Do I get access to the data model? No.
How can I share my NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS report? You can request a public URL of the report, so you can publicly share it, from the "Export to NodeXL Pro INSIGHTS" dialog in NodeXL Pro.
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