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NBA NodeXL.xlsx
NBA NodeXL.xlsx
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October 12, 2017
The graph is undirected.

The graph's vertices were grouped by cluster using the Clauset-Newman-Moore cluster algorithm.

The graph was laid out using the Fruchterman-Reingold layout algorithm.

The edge opacities are based on edge weight values. The vertex sizes are based on betweenness centrality values. The vertex opacities are based on betweenness centrality values.

Overall Graph Metrics:
Vertices: 2701
Unique Edges: 2883
Edges With Duplicates: 0
Total Edges: 2883
Self-Loops: 0
Reciprocated Vertex Pair Ratio: Not Applicable
Reciprocated Edge Ratio: Not Applicable
Connected Components: 279
Single-Vertex Connected Components: 0
Maximum Vertices in a Connected Component: 2027
Maximum Edges in a Connected Component: 2486
Maximum Geodesic Distance (Diameter): 11
Average Geodesic Distance: 3.827373
Graph Density: 0.000790653667365996
Modularity: 0.746544
NodeXL Version: